Courtney+Jordan||Sodo Park, Seattle

On the day that Courtney and Jordan were married, the sun broke through the thick layer of Seattle clouds and brightness lit up the day. On the day these two were married, crowds of family and friends came to celebrate, and an enormous pink and purple unicorn balloon appeared out of nowhere, and quietly followed the bride and groom around all day. On the day that Courtney and Jordan were married, the trains blew their whistles a little bit louder and the paint on the warehouses in Sodo shone a little bit brighter. And that evening, everyone rejoiced: the bridal party cheered and jumped into the sky, family members did the twist with their hands in the air, friends wore glow-stick glasses and headbands as an ode to the lovebirds, the groom played his bass guitar while his bride danced at his side, and hundreds of Jr. Ravers in fish-net and party beads made the shape of a heart with their hands, in honor of the couple. The newlyweds danced the night away underneath the chandeliers of Sodo Park, with their glow sticks lit and their hearts beating as one.