Kelly+Nick. {MARRIED AT THE Art Museum in Portland!}

On the day that Kelly and Nick were married, the sculptures in the garden at the Portland Art Museum stood perfectly still and the sun glittered and flashed through the treetops. The bride walked down the aisle with her father, and the groom watched her every step as she peered at him through her birdcage veil. As they said i do, the crowd gave a collective cheer and they officially became the third couple in their family to get married on the 4th of July. Kelly and Nick danced on a black and white checkerboard floor, surrounded by many adoring fans standing in front of the backdrop of sunlit city buildings and summer clouds. Although the fireworks must have started lighting up the twilight sky sometime after dark, Kelly and Nick and the rest of the crowd were too busy raising their glasses and celebrating, to notice the bright independence day display over the river. At the end of the night, sparklers were lit and the guests gathered on a downtown street to wave goodbye as the newlyweds climbed into a bright yellow mustang. The couple kissed as the convertible drove off into the night underneath a sky full of fireworks. Their greatest adventure had begun and I like to think that all of the hot, loud, sparkly beauty overhead was only for them.